Week 1~Master Key Experience 

This is the post excerpt.


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Today is a new beginning for this gal!….and so grateful that everything is falling into place and showing up like clockwork! Look out world here I come!! ❤ Actually here “WE” come!! Hubby is coming on the journey!!


I had a realization today after watching the interview. My Hero’s journey is Loving Myself!!! I can’t be the Hero in my life time until I learn that lesson. I can’t save the world until I save myself. And by saving myself the world is saved. Giving away my power and putting others before me has in no way served me. It has in no way honored the Miracle that is ME. Playing small serves no one.

So that’s it! I feel like I kinda figured out the meaning of life for this Gal.



This has been an extremely busy time in my life for this amazing journey inward, self development, spiritual awareness, growing becoming and learning. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey, I feel the call and I’m ready to go all the way.



So, my hubby and I were way in Cancun for my 50th birthday Feb 12-19.  We found not being plugged in actually had its advantages. I must say that it took us out of the Master Key Experience online, it allowed us to find our wings so to speak in real time. We had a major setback (I know watch my language) prior to leaving Alberta and it normally would of been the main focus. That black cloud did its best to blow our holiday but it didn’t. Not even close, and the time it took for us to let it go (blame, worry, anger, victim, defeat and vindication) was days. It was a pretty powerful  revelation.


MKE~Week 18

I am wholeI was just talking with my hubby today on how far my vision has been stretched from when I began my MKE Journey. I have an enormous vision now!! I’m seeing clearer and thinking better. I think I’m finally understanding , understanding my place in all this. And understanding who is standing beside me!!! andddd…..I am whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy!!!

Along with that I’m finding that I am slowly becoming the observer, I really just realized that as I’m writing this. The past couple days I have noticed a different way of being. Its like someone else is taking over me. I’m calmer, happier, and excited and I want to shout it from the roof tops. This needs to be taught in schools, businesses and Church. If we could all get this we can change the Universe.

MMKE~Week 17 You are in the Stars…

I was meditating today and I had the sweetest vision. I seen myself take on the form of a beautiful, large and powerful eagle.  I then turned to see my hubby changing too. We took flight with a mission, dropping Love Droplets down to Mother Earth. When it hit the ground it burst into an amazing spray of  intense color and transformed everything within its path into unbelievable beauty. As we soared around from place to place cleaning up poverty and war, oceans and rain forests, sickness and the lost. As we continued on cleaning and restoring, and allowing the sun to transmute the “stuff” collected, I realized that I also was the Sun and I had the power to do it myself. What a beautiful vision that was for me.

As the day went on and we finished the 18th lesson of the Master Key I thought to myself that the vision is what we are doing with the Master Key. We are in everything, we are part of the whole, and we need to find our own gold and diamonds within and spreading it out to the world, while letting go of what no longer serves us.                                             We are all valuable belong measure!!


Week 16~MMKE~Ripples

  My gf’ s  father passed away and friday was the (funeral) celebration of his life. It was a beautiful tribute, touching yet funny for her Cowboy father. It really made me think about how this man lived his life. To some maybe not always thought of as the ideal life, maybe somewhat irresponsible when raising children but he did well. He lived life on his terms, day to day totally living in the moment. I wouldn’t of seen it this way a few years back but I sure do now. He was happy, truly happy. He was content, never got mad and had patience like non other. He raced Chuck wagons all over Canada and United States. Basically living check to check and odd jobs here and there to get by. But he always had money and he got by just fine as he raised two beautiful daughters on his own after his wife  left him when they were just little. I guess he had it figured out and he lived it. You could always count on him for an interesting story and o whole bunch of laughs. I will cherish those memories stopping by his little round table by the jukebox  to enjoy a beer in the old Grand Hotel. RIP to you Cody, you left a beautiful ripple.

  So it really made me think about what Ripple i was sending out. Am I living my most authentic life and my highest truth? Am I living a life of integrity? And I living life at a 100% with unconditional LOVE for all of humanity? I say yes! I’m not perfect, the last one can throw me off but with the tools I’m learning with the Master Key I’m not off track for long. Life is so fun! ☉

Week 14~MMKE

I am so excited here! I am finally getting clarity with my business venture. I am getting more confident and educating myself…zeroing in on what my business will specialize in and how I am going to go about bringing it to fruition. I’ve enrolled in an online University course and it is getting me wheels turning (LOL) as to what is needed to make this all happen. It is so fun when the creative juices get flowing. And it amazes me how much all the training from MMKE has helped guide me to this very point in my life. So I would like to add one thing here, even if we feel some of the lessons or activities aren’t working (no big A-Ha moments) they actually are working. You might not notice the slight changes but remember Baby steps!! Sometimes the smallest and slightest tweaks can make all the difference, maybe not today but they always show up. All of us progress when we do the work, and I am doing the work.  I know I will be rewarded maybe on that 1000th step, maybe sooner…but it’s coming!! Life is great and I am Awesome…as are you! Goodnight my MMKE family!